Chris Weir (Director)

cwNicknames: Topher, Dub, Doug, Nowitzki, Legend (self appointed)

After 10 years of working in the construction industry throughout Canberra and NSW, Carpenter/Builder Chris Weir has seen first-hand how unhealthy the industry can be. Although there have been some great changes over recent years, he recognises how the demands of the industry can prevent tradies from focusing on their physical and mental health. Chris grew up playing basketball, which culminated playing semi-professional for his hometown of Canberra. These days work and family life has definitely taken over, with his basketball career a distant memory (although he thinks he could slide straight back into the top league – his body telling him otherwise) but still managing to keep borderline fit with the gym and some casual jogging (also pronounced yogging)(Anchorman reference – for those of you playing at home!)

Sasha Mielczarek (Director)


Nicknames: Milkcrate, Bowangs, Sarsh, Dino, Bro or Simply Sash.

Let’s start by clarifying that Sash isn’t the guy from RBT or wheel of fortune but in fact the bloke who couldn’t find a girlfriend so had to go on national television to compete with 13 other punters. Just like Chris, Sash has been in the construction game for over 10 years and during his time in the industry has seen an increased focus in the health and wellbeing of workers whilst at work however not so much outside of it. Sasha is a bit of a health fanatic himself and besides long walks along the beach he also enjoys keeping fit and eating well however he is no calorie counter. Having played competitive Rugby, Sasha knows what it takes to keep fit as well as maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Teaming up with Chris Weir and his Fit Tradie initiative has enabled Sasha to provide workers with a healthy living alternative that is not over the top and practical for the everyday Tradie. You will namely find Sash in the site office or on the rare occasion on site in his ‘bowl of fruit’ (Suit) standing around like a spare part!

Jennifer Howard (Nutritionist)


Nicknames: Nifer, Fifi, Microwave Jenny, ‘Hey there, you in the bushes’

Jennifer has spent her entire working career around food. Starting off in hospitality, Jennifer owned and ran her own catering business which once supplied food to the President of the United States of America (and by President we mean American Exchange Student). Eventually she hung up the boots and swapped hospitality for healthcare by studying Nutrition and Dietetics at Newcastle University (whatever that means). Having spent time ensuring hospital menus are safe to consume and developing ready-to-eat products for supermarket shelves, we are deadest wrapped like a present to have her on the Fit Tradie bandwagon to offer helpful advice with respect to health and nutrition as well as developing easy recipes for you to make at home.

Jen’s life goal: “to get everyone to wear fruit stickers on their shirt as a badge of honour. Two serves of fruit and five of veg a day is all it takes, and wearing your fruit stickers with pride is a great way to start the conversation about healthy eating because everyone will stop you and say ‘ah, mate, why are you wearing an apple sticker on your shirt?” Fit Tradie: “Sorry Jen we fell asleep, what was that?”

Interests: Op shopping, fan girling over anything Jane Austen, banana pancakes, terrible food puns, food safety (nerd alert)