We’re Back with Fit Tradie Fashion Tips!

Righto Fit Tradies, calm your farm… we hear you and yes we are SORRY! Sorry that we’ve been on holiday living it up and leaving you all high and dry! And by holiday we mean work and by high and dry we mean staying low and sinking a heap of froff (low carb of course). We realise we’ve been off the radar for some time however being builders what do you expect… I’ll give you the hot tip it’s not on time and under budget! In either case, we’ve got a wet day on site and WE ARE BACK BABY!

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How have you all been? **INSERT AWKWARD SILENCE* Great, excellent…GOOD CHAT!

Now we know not all of you are ‘ridiculously good looking’ fashionistas like Chris and Sash (please refer to the below non-doctored image of the two of them) so to get everyone back into the groove we thought we’d put together a few tips to help you with ‘Fit Tradie Fashion’.

CandS Zoolander

So Hot Right Now!

Picture this: It’s a Friday, you’ve finished work for the day and you’re covered in shit (literally if you’re a plumber)… you go home in your HQ One Tonner, have a ‘Craig Gower’ (Shower), spray on your ‘Sex Panther’ and wonder on over to your wardrobe to have a ‘Captain Cook’ (look) and think… ‘what threads am I going to wear tonight that will allow me to assert a degree of authority yet still allow enough mobility to do the mud worm on the DF (Dance Floor)’… Never fear because ‘Fit Tradie Fashion Tips’ are here.

(For definition of a mud-worm go 25 seconds in… will change your life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysUn1KfAo-U)


5 Fit Tradie Fashion Tips

  1. Don’t Overcook it!

In the fashion world, I’d say go for gold…. However, being a Fit Tradie, less is more and we’ll give you two reasons: 1. If you dressed like this bloke on a job site you’d cop more shit than a sewage works; and 2. There is no doubt that this bloke has overcooked it.

Less is more

What?! Too Much?

Imagine being at the Disco with ‘Summer Rain’ playing, then casually strolling up to an empty DF (Dance Floor) and trying to do the Rodeo Clown in this clobber… in the words of Rex Kwondo ‘FORGET ABOUT IT!’

  1. Don’t undercook it!

If there is one thing your mother would have told you (and Sasha’s mum continues to reinforce this to him) is that you can never be over-dressed. However, on the opposite end of the scale you can definitely be under-dressed. When going to an event or a function and it says ‘smart casual’ on your invite – this means that in most instances a Mankini is off limits… unless of course it’s under your ‘bowl of fruit’ (Suit) and it’s your party trick for later in the night.


Very Niiiicee!

So, Fit Tradie’s when going out and debating whether to throw a set of pants on the ‘getaway sticks’ think of Fit Tradies Fashion Tips and don’t undercook it.

  1. No Steel Caps outside of the work site!

As you are all aware us Tradie’s are impartial to going out in our steel reinforced toes and seeing what heavy objects you can drop on your toes until you forget one day that you are actually wearing a set of RM’s and bust your toe…but that’s for another day! The two main reason we don’t want to wear our steel caps after work are as follows:

Main reason: You get kicked out of the local leagues club after 6:00pm if you are wearing steel caps and nobody wants to be booted (pardon the pun…but you are welcome) mid parmigiana!

Secondary reason: You will end up looking like Kanye West in his Timberlands!


Left his Steel Caps on… Hence the Dirty Look!

While we are on Kanye can we please just make special mention of his latest shoes due for release any day. Is it just us or they look more like a pair of New Balance $20 specials from Kmart!

Kanye Shoes

Of course i’ll pay $200 for them when i can get them from Kmart for $20!

So as much as we love our main man Kanye, some things (almost all things) Kanye does, ONLY Kanye does #FitTradieRuleofThumb

  1. Ranga is in!

This is no more evident than our good friend Ed Sheeran who is taking the Ranga community to the next level!

Ed Sheeran

It worked for Ed!

So to all you Fit Tradie Ranga’s out there – we salute you! For all those non-ranga-Fit Tradies: look at dying your hair, not only does it immediately give you the ability to play the guitar, but you will also be on point in the fashion world. Don’t forget to have some fun with it as well, like old mate below:

Ginger Bread


  1. Don’t Dress Like an Accordion

We’d like to think this one is self-explanatory however for clarity please refer to the below image. If Chris and Sash dressed like that they’d have to kick their own arse.


Accordions are out!

So again, do yourselves a favour and don’t dress like a musical instrument. In the Tradie circles this can often be frowned upon unless you’re dressed up as a Led Zepplin Guitar playing ‘Whola Lotta Love’.

Well Fit Tradie’s there you go… 5 of the best right there! I don’t know about you guys but it felt good to get one away (the blog that is). Chris and Sash are back baby… you know it!

With all this being said we didn’t want to leave our Fit Tradie’s with all these amazing tips and no additional fruit to use it. So, to help all you Fit Tradie’s with getting some new threads we have teamed up with Jeanswest to give all Fit Tradie readers a discount for all purchases from their online store.  Details to follow on our Instagram Page (fittradie).


Looking forward to talking showbags again soon and don’t forget to throw up some comments on our comments page!

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –


Quote of the week: ‘Oh my goodness… did that guy just do the mudworm? What a legend!’

Video of the week: The mudworm 25 sec in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysUn1KfAo-U

Fit Tradie Challenge: Get yourself onto the Jeanswest website and grab some clobber to look prim and proper… details of Fit Tradie specials to follow!


It’s Pie-Time (with a bit of dead horse)!

We hope everyone is well and are as pumped as Sash and Chris are about this weeks Almost-Winter-Warmer-Recipe by our superstar nutritionist Jenn Jenn! I know, I know, we can hear all the people in the northern parts of Australia/hemisphere saying “Mate, it doesn’t bloody-well get cold here! What are we going to do with this delicious Almost-Winter-Warmer-Recipe, when we are sweating like Sash on a dance floor?!” All very valid points Fit Tradies – and to that, Sash and Chris have proposed you do the following: Follow the whole recipe, until you get to the step of cooking the meat and putting it in the oven. Instead of cooking meat and placing in said oven – place in freezer for 3 hours. Boom! Summer-cooler-recipe! *insert smirking emoji face*…. Now unfortunately Sash and Chris have zero idea when it comes to food preparation and the need for a hygienic recipe, which is thoroughly cooked… Which could be why they were both a tad under the weather after wearing raw chickens on their heads to a costume party… (this did not actually happen and no raw chickens were injured in the making of their costumes….) But seriously, they are about as knowledgeable about food prep as they are good looking… Not to mention, Jenn has made it clear that you should not under any circumstances listen to either one of those idiots, nor substitute the oven with a freezer….

Anyway – to the recipe! Welcome the one, the only, our favourite lady besides Chris’s baby (pretty proud of that rhyme actually…) Jenn Jenn!   

‘Blue Sky’ with a bit of ‘Dead Horse’!

As the Honey Badger would say when referring to a try, there’s nothing like getting a bit of Meat (‘Meat Pie’ – try). what better way then combine your typical Aussie Servo Snack and a bit of health then Fit Tradies Healthy Meat.


Time to prep: 15 mins

Ingredients: more than usual – but the effort is worth it!

Servings: 12 small pies – 6 larger individual serve pies

To cook: 1hr for filling. 25 mins to brown in oven

Rating: 5 mouth-watering-emoji-faces out of 5!

Beverage to accompany: Chris’ irish heritage is coming out with a suggestion of a Guiness. If you can’t quite stomach that meal-in-a-can, a heavier beer such as an IPA would go delightfully. Note: Our healthy-legal-department also suggests; water…


Pie Filling

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 500g trimmed, cubed meat (we used beef chuck steak)
  • 1 medium brown onion diced
  • 3 sticks of celery diced
  • Handful of mushrooms diced
  • 1 medium zucchini diced
  • 1 medium carrot diced
  • Filo pastry – can use short crust or puff, but filo contains less saturated fats
  • Spray vegetable oil

Gravy Mix

  • 1/4 cup plain flour
  • 1 tablespoon salt reduced instant gravy powder
  • 1 tablespoon salt reduced beef stock powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic power (or 2 fresh cloves crushed)
  • ½ teaspoon Mustard powder
  • ½ teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1-2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
  • 500ml water


Mashed Potato topping – also a great way to use up left over mashed potatoes!!!!

  • 4-6 medium washed potatoes – don’t peel
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder or 2 cloves of fresh
  • ½ cup of milk
  • Paprika OR Black Pepper for sprinkling


Note: will need pan or pot with a lid. When filling is almost cooked, preheat the oven to 200∘C.

  1. Brown meat and onion in a large pan on medium to high heat. Once cooked through, add in diced veg and cook until zucchini starts to soften and fall apart.
  2. Mash: Boil water, add in garlic and diced, unpeeled potatoes. place the potatoes into cook while you carry on with the next step. Once cooked through, drain and set aside. Jenn’s note: If you are super precious with your mashed potatoes, feel free to waste your time peeling them but leaving the skin on increases fibre content!
  3. Place all dry gravy mix ingredients into a jug, slowly add in small amounts water and mix so no lumps form. Once completely mixed, add half the gravy mixture to the pan and stir for a few mins then add in remaining liquid. Place lid on the pot/pan and reduce heat to low and cook for 45mins to an hour. Stir occasionally as gravy will thicken and you don’t want it to catch on the pan. Taste gravy as it thickens and adjust seasoning if required. Filling will be done once the mushrooms and zucchini has disappeared and meat is tender.
  4. To the mashed potatoes, add in milk and mash.
  5. Lay out 4 sheets of filo pastry. Spray each layer with vegetable oil, and form a single stack of pastry sheets. Cut into squares big enough to fill the muffin tins, being careful to not rip the filo pastry. Fill each muffin casing with the pie filling and top with mashed potato. Sprinkle with paprika or cracked pepper and bake in the oven will pastry is flaky and brown on the edges. Serve with your favourite sauce at your next gathering or with a side salad for a fun dinner alternative.

Nutritional information (based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating for an Adult)

  • Good source of lean protein – when meat is trimmed
  • Almost 1 serve of vegetables per small pie – serve three with side salad that fills ½ of your plate and you would be close to meeting your daily vegetable target! Whaaaaaat???
  • added fibre when potatoes aren’t peeled
  • Aim for reduced salt stock and gravy powders

There you have it team! Another absolute cracker from Jenn! You can all officially walk into the smoko room and say “I’m going the healthy option today guys” and still whip out a meat pie!

Coming up in the next few weeks Chris and Sash have some how managed to rope in more people to interview, convinced Jenn it is a good idea to not leave these two pork chops and continue to share her awesome recipes AND they look into how to get rid of Chris’s official dad-bod! (Good luck lads!)

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: “That’s not a pie, This is a pie!”

Video of the week: Worlds hottest meat pie!

Fit Tradie Challenge: We want to get you guys involved! Post your best pic/selfie, giving Fit Tradie a shout out while either exercising or cooking one of our de-lish recipes (make sure you tag us) and we will pick one to go up on our socials in the coming week!

Fit Tradie interview time!

Hello Fit Tradie team! We hope everyone is having an absolute hornswoggler of a day (is that even a word)! This week we are introducing a new section to the flog (Fit Tradie blog) – Fit Tradie interviews! Although the boys seem to think this section of the blog was created due to there extremely professional interviewing ability, it is in fact namely due to their lack of ability to have anything interesting to say. Not to mention that there are way more interesting people than Sash and Chris out there (although they don’t seem to think so…)

So, without further ado – our first interview, we were lucky enough to be spoilt for choice with not one but TWO people – a power couple in the Canberra Tradie AND fitness scene, Fit Tradies good friends: Nathan Tait and Capri Cross:

3, 2, 1 anddddd FLEX! Nathan Tait and Capri Cross

Welcome Guys! Thanks for having us – we are massive fans of Fit Tradie and think you guys are the ducks nuts! (Ok…so we added that last part… but the rest of this interview is 100% Nathan and Capri!) 

Ok, so for people who haven’t heard of the power couple “Napri” (Ok, so we made up that mash of names up too… But we think it will stick!) lets do some quick hitters, so the readers get to know you a bit better:

Full Names: Nathan Tait/Capri Cross

Ages: 31/26

Occupation/s: Bricklayer and Supplement store owner/Furniture maker

Company names (Brick laying/ supplements/Joinery): Bace Bricklaying Pty Ltd/ Prodigy Performance Nutrition

Awards for body building: 3x Mr Physique Act, 2016 Mr Physique National Champ

Any other awards: American National Rugby league champs 2012/ 1st in getting Nathan Tait to propose

Righto Taity, no need to brag mate (and good work Capri!)! Alright, lets get into this:

1. Thanks heaps for taking the time to sit down with Fit Tradie! So you are both tradies, when did you kick off in the construction industry? 

Nathan: I started laboring with my old man in 1999 in school holidays for a bit of extra cash and continued through till present, picked up a uni degree in secondary teaching in PD/H/PE and Cert 3 in Personal training along the way too.

Capri: I was interested in design and tech at school, am part way through an industrial design degree at uni and wanted to take some time off in 2015 to get a little more hands on and am nearly finished my furniture building apprenticeship.

2. Now Taity, you have your own Brickies business, when did you take the plunge into starting your business? Do you have a company slogan? i.e. we lay em, you pay em? in 2013 i decided to form my own company. don’t have a promotional slogan as such but try and endorse the slogan “there are no problems just solutions” to my employees and apprentices.

3. Any tips for tradies looking at starting their own company? Give it a crack! Make sure u have enough money saved to pay your men and finally don’t do anything you wouldn’t do on your own house.

4. Capri, what made you decide to get into a trade? I always wanted to have a hands on job. When I went to uni I realized that they only teach you theory and how to design things on the computer. That was too boring for me so I took some time off to learn the hands on side. I could never go back to a desk job.

5. Taity, You have managed to not only run a sups business and a brickies company, but you also decided to do body building amongst all of this! Do you ever stop?! And secondly do you enjoy wearing male g-strings? Haha, yeah. Always enjoyed playing rugby league and the gym was a big part of that, so when i retired i still loved the gym so bodybuilding seemed like a logical progression and a way to satisfy my competitive streak. Secondly only on special occasions, they make me feel pretty haha (just jokes)

6. Sure you are joking mate…. So, Sash and Chris have been talking, and with you now Being Mr Physique – Australia, surely you would just never put a shirt on?! Have you ever used your chiseled features to get something for free, i.e a cheeseburger? (Remember your better half is sitting next to you, mate…) Haha, if only it were that easy. I do stay shirtless as much as i can, purely for comfort reasons lol, the best I’ve done out of it has been the odd free drink when out on the town.

7. It must be tough doing a trade, early mornings etc., and still manage to keep a strict regime at the ‘kath and kim’ (gym)/ eating? it can be mate, but helps when you have a gem of a missus like Capri. She does most of my meal prep weeks in advance so I just have to pull meals out of the freezer to take to work and hit the gym consistently. My business partner, Cam, at the shop is a nutritionist and handles my dietary requirements and I see an expert trainer at Real Fit gym for my weights programming. I’ve tried to organise myself so I can focus on managing my businesses and putting in the hard yards at the gym!!

We couldn’t agree more Taity, I mean, when Sash and Chris were competing with you, they were doing the same thing…

This may or may not be an accurate portrayal of what actually happened…

Taity: That is horrible lads…

8. Not sure what you mean Taity… Anyway –  what would your top 3 tips be for someone that is doing a trade and also wanting to get into body building? Organise your food, have a specific training program and listen to your body so you rest and recover to avoid injury

9. Capri, Fit Tradie loves how the construction industry is becoming more and more diverse! #GirlPower! Do you have any tips/comments for women reading this, who are keen to get into a trade? If you really want to do it then start. I know it is hard to find someone to employ you but women can be so beneficial. We have patience and small hands. I do get told that I shouldn’t be doing this job or that I’m a liar when I tell someone what I do for work but it just fuels my passion even more.

10. Being both tradies, who fixes things around the house? Is it a 50/50 set up, or does Capri put you to shame? 

Taity: that would have to be Capri, I lack the patience and time, who am I kidding, she’s just better at that stuff lol

Capri: I need him to lift heavy stuff and for the extra hands, the rest I do. Gotta get use of those guns. 

11. Who is the chef in the house? 

Taity: this is more of a 50/50, i like to think my meals turn out better though

Capri: I’m the chef mainly. I do smoko’s and lunch’s and bulk meals to freeze. Nath can cook though. Naked with just an apron on. I call him Nathan Oliver. He’s not just looks.

Funny you say that Capri… We some how managed to get a couple of sneaky photos of said, Naked Chef…

Cut. It. Out. Mate! But seriously, we would both turn for you…

12. Capri, how hard is it living with a bloke that eats 45 servings of food each day? Its good and bad. It reminds me to eat regularly but having to stop every couple of hours to eat gets frustrating at times.

13. Do you ever spike Taitys food with a heap of sugar?! Sugar isn’t the scary thing. It’s if his food isn’t weighed to the exact gram. So if he shits me I’ll put a lil less of something and mess with his gains.

14. If things weren’t busy enough last year, you also managed to get engaged! Congratulations! Taity, how did you propose big fella?! By the way – we’ve been trying to call you but you’re always engaged! (That’s was horrible lads…) mate just like wedding planners there are proposal planners these days too!! I had a look at the packages they offered and picked out the parts I liked and made it happen. I did it after I won my last comp, had the flashest room at the park Hyatt booked on Sydney harbour, our favorite song playing in the room, champas on ice, rose petal path leading to the bed where they spelt out “will you marry me?” and two ‘Mr & Mrs” embroided robes (i was pretty confident lol) to wear and relax for the evening.

15. Cut. It. Out! You big romantic, you! So Capri, how do you think he went?! He did so well. I thought he would never be able to surprise me but he did. He thought I had a heart attack because I froze. He could have had a flash mob though… 

16. So, what’s next in Capris Tradie life – Do you want to kick off your own company? We are about to buy a house so I’m so excited to be renovating it.  Other than that I’ll be happy to be able to continue learning new stuff in a new job when I move back to Canberra 

17. You love the gym almost as much as Taity, what is your favourite part about going to the gym?  I need to get stronger for work. Building strength is my main goal. Also Nath beat me in too many wrestling matches so that’s my motivation. I’ll get him one day. 

You guys have been awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to hang out with us – we have our final “Fit Tradie Quick-hitters” to finish on – and then we will let you get back to lifting heavy things and cooking naked, together!


  1. What do you love about being a tradie? No desk, being outdoors
  2. What do you hate about being a tradie? Toll on the body
  3. What is your favourite exercise at the gym? Stiff leg deads
  4. Favourite food: Mmm whole pizza to myself
  5. Favourite movie: Prefer shows…Narcos!!
  6. Favourite song to work out to? Don’t have one but ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ reminds me of Nath
  7. Favourite brand of tool (Beside Taity): Damn, Hilti
  8. If you didnt have a gym to go to, what would be your go-to excercise around the house? Cleaning up after Nath. Yoga or sit ups.


  1. What do you love about being a tradie? being outdoors
  2. What do you hate about being a tradie? book work
  3. What is your favourite exercise at the gym? barbell shoulder press
  4. Favourite food pizza
  5. Favourite movie: blood sport (JCVD is the man!!)
  6. Favourite song to work out to flo rida, my house
  7. If you didnt have a gym to go to, what would be your go-to excercise around the house? push ups

Well there you have it Fit Tradie team! Don’t forget to check out Prodigy Nutrition next time you are in Canberra at: Hibberson St, Gungahlin, 0262417736. Or check out the website and order online at: prodigynutrition.com.au

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: “Male G-Strings make me feel pretty…”

Video of the week: You haven’t flexed, until you have flexed until you pass out…

Fit Tradie Challenge: This is one of Chris’s favourite/most-hated memories of playing competitive basketball: Californian sprints Click on the link and check it out. Find yourself an outdoor court (you could even do it on a football field and mark out with some cones or jumpers etc.) Fit Tradie wants to see you to do 5x of these, with a 90 second break between. If you struggle to run the whole way – jog, walk, what ever you can do to make it through! Ensure you guys are warming up and stretching before and after!

Organising Your Panties…. Sorry PANTRY (Part 2)

Happy Friday Fit Tradies OR as we like to call it… FROFFY FRIDIES! Before we get into it, we want to apologies to all of our followers for being off line BUT we have exciting news! After 20 hours in labour and Chris standing there like a spare part, his beautiful wife Rhi has given birth to their first ‘tin lid’ (kid) Charlotte Grace Parlin Weir. Born on 28 February 2017 at a whopping 45kg and 6 feet 2 inches tall she is absolutely gorgeous, healthy and happy (please note these figures are quite loose and require further clarification but cannot be too far off the mark)! She obviously gets her looks from her mother as Chris has a head that would make an onion cry (like a kicked in bicky tin). In saying this Chris and Charlotte did get a cheeky selfie and there are some similarities…

CW and Charlotte

The resemblance is uncanny!

Alright Fit Tradies enough of the baby business it’s time to talk shop again. Continuing on from our last blog we want to finish our spiel about organising your pantries… an absolutely riveting topic we know. But that’s what Fit Tradie does. We take a shithouse topic and make it as exciting as a 1st birthday party at McDonalds.

To recap on Part 1… handy tips include taking everything out of your pantry, check use by dates, clean your shelves, if it’s growing unnecessary limbs probably best to throw it out and Chris Weir was getting shredded like Swiss Cheese (refer below)!

CW Massive

One thousand and one!

Righto… Part 2 and it’s over to Jen to talk about 3 shelf tips to help you make fast meal choices! Take it away Jenn!

Thanks guys! You two are so handsome…I honestly can’t believe how intelligent, wise, funny and muscly you guys are! Seriously, did you two get hit by a truck because you are both so massive! Ok, ok…its still Chris and Sash, but handing over right meow (did you just say meow? – Supertroopers?)… here’s Jenn!

 Thanks for finally giving me to keypad guys. As the gentlemen said (and I use the term gentlemen very loosely), to finish off we talk about 3 shelf tips to help you make fast meal choices!

  1. Think long shelf life

 This will be your saviour. We promise! Even when you don’t have the time or care factor to duck into your local grocery store, having a well-stocked pantry or freezer is what is going to save your soul.

Pasta, rice, plain Asian noodles, wraps, taco shells to use as meal bases. Aim for Wholegrain and preservative free where possible.

Tinned items; corn, tomatoes/tomato paste, beetroot, beans, pineapple etc. aim for unsweetened and no added salt varieties. These can be used to pad out salads. Tinned tuna and tinned salmon make for fast protein sources too!

Dust off up the old spice rack! If the idea of slicing and dicing onions and garlic brings tears to your eyes, just don’t do it. There is nothing wrong with the humble dried and powdered spices. Just look on the back of the pack to make sure it is 100% of the stated product to avoid nasty levels of salt. Lightly dusting your cut of meat, pterodactyl burger or adding them in recipes in place of fresh produce will have you creating delicious food and far less washing up. Dried herbs, onion, garlic, paprika, mustard powder and chilli powder are a great place to start experimenting.

Meal starters: Mexican spice mixes, salsa, curry pastes, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce etc, are all great to use to get a meal started (hence the name), just add meat, fresh veg and wallet (or whatever they say… I just realised I said wallet but I think you get the gist). Check for correct storage once opened as many products need to go in the fridge.

Frozen items; frozen fish (crumbed or not), plain pizza bases, frozen veg in 500g bags or single portion packages can help create fast dishes in very little time. In most cases, in the time it would have taken you to get your way in and out of the supermarket, you could have a meal prepared and enjoyed that was already at home in your freezer. Don’t forget that some products can be frozen once opened! Things like Wraps and shredded cheese is perfect for the freezer, with just those two items you are half way to making yourself a pizza!

  1. Defrost meat without getting that slimy grey microwave funk

 Buying meat in bulk and portioning it out into single serves with zip lock bags is a perfect way to get organised, but I get a lot of people telling me they often have frozen meat in their freezer that was probably there from when Paul Keating was in office because they never think to defrost it in time or they hate how the microwave turns a good cut of meat into a slimy, grey warm stinky mass of chewiness so they just leave it in the back of the freezer to collect icicles. Boy do I have a hot tip for you!

This is my fool proof ‘dammit I forgot to take meat out to defrost but I am hungry now’ hack that is going to save you so much time and money! Take meat you want to eat now, out of the freezer, if it’s not already in a zip lock bag, place it in one or tightly tie it up in a plastic bag so it is semi water tight. Place meat into a deep container of some kind. Boil the kettle and cover ziplocked meat with the hot water and leave for 10mins. Depending on the amount of meat and the size of the container, you might need to top up the hot water once or twice, but it will gently defrost the meat without cooking it. REMEMBER FOOD SAFETY: any meat defrosted in this method, must be cooked within 2 hrs of defrosting, and must not be refrozen.

  1. Think fresh and fast – Just like this bloke below

Fast Freddy

You won’t do it?!

Don’t underestimate the magic of the prewashed and pre-prepared salads in the chilled section of your grocery store. If you avoid eating fresh veggies and salad because you find cutting it up laborious, there are now heaps of fresh items to choose from on the chilled shelves! Ideas like shredded slaw, pre mixed salad leaves, cut up veg to snack on and there are even cut op roasting veg ready to go in the oven to bake.

Until next Flog (Fit Tradie Blog) Tradies, do yourselves a favour and watch this video (https://youtu.be/sH09aajiV9o). Have a ‘Captain Cook’ (look) and get your laughing gear going!

Next Flog (Fit Tradie Blog): We talk to some of our Fit Tradies out there and get their take on life!

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –


Quote of the week: ‘Did you just say Meow?’

Video of the week: https://youtu.be/sH09aajiV9o

Fit Tradie Challenge: Try not to laugh at the above video!


Organising Your Panties…. Sorry PANTRY (Part 1)

That’s right Fit Tradies, 5 weeks in and we are still all over you like white on rice! If you’ve been actively following our blog and sticking to our diet/workouts you should be well on your way to being cut like a picnic lunch… just like Chris below! Great progress mate…


Chris after following the Fit Tradie lifestyle for 5 weeks… Well Done big guy!

This week we talk all things panties…sorry PANTRIES! Now if you’re like Chris and Sash you will have a well organised pantry full of muscle making supplements ready to feed your pipes after the ‘Kath and Kim’ (Gym) working on the ‘Warrick Farms’ (Arms), ‘Hawks Nest’ (Chest), ‘Gary Jack’ (Back), ‘Ham and eggs’ (Legs)… I think you get the gist!



But Chris and Sash aren’t experts in this field so without further ado – lets swing the mic over to the lady who makes the best gravy, the nutritionist who is also a linguist, the girl who can make wheat curl, the female who loves a bunch of kale, the dietitian who…. Alright we’ll stop – its Jenn!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jenn here. I was chatting to the boys about wholegrains and ‘what is a serve’ and they fell asleep so I decided to jump on here and utilise the free time. After reading last week’s blog and stumbling across ‘The Fit Tradie Fist Pumping Fitness Slash Healthy Slash Just Have A Crack Challenge Of The Week’ (or the ‘Fit Tradie Challenge’) I have come up with another challenge for all you Fit Tradie’s out there i.e. Organise your Pantry!

I know, I know, I can actually feel you all shudder at the thought of tackling the beast that is your pantry and I dare not ask about the condiment shelf in your fridge, but the silver lining is that you are not alone! Tradie or not, most pantries and fridges are lands that time forgot. The good news is that by the time you finish reading this, hopefully I will have inspired you to wrangle that beast in to something more like a noble steed that helps guide you through preparing your meals instead of scaring you into ordering a pizza…although everyone deserves a cheat day!

Like all masterpieces, you need a blank canvas!

So we aren’t asking you to spend your entire Saturday morning cleaning and rearranging your entire pantry so it looks as neat as your 526 draw standalone tool box… but how about doing a super quick 4-point inspection on your shelves?

  1. Use By and Best Before Dates – Now is a great time to have a rummage through the items on your shelves to see if there is any half open bags of rice that are harbouring 17 generations of pantry moths which you suspect was left over from the summer of 1976. As a rule, best before dates do have a little bit of flexibility, but a few months ago I shared a flat with a Sparky that found a jar of mayo in his fridge that had a best before date of 2012. They do say people in glass houses cannot throw stones so if your sweet potato looks like mine did after an overseas holiday, then probably best to throw it away (see below);


Hot tip – This sweet potato is past its used by date!

  1. Check your containers are air tight – You want to keep your opened food as fresh as a Tradie Tool Belt and containers with ill-fitting lids will need to be shown the door;
  2. Wipe down your shelves – Once you’ve cleared out your pantry wipe down the shelves free of the suspicious oily rings, unidentifiable powdery substances and rusty tins from your shelves so you don’t feel like you need a Tetanus shot each time you reach to the back of the cupboard/fridge; and
  3. Grouping – Once clean start to arrange items together so you can see at a glance what you have to work with and what you need to buy more of. Getting home after a long day at work to cook yourself a meal should be done with minimal effort. Having to go hunting for your meal is so 15,000BC (let’s just stress that this is Jen’s language here… Chris and Sash tend to stay away from phrases such as this to save face amongst the guys on site) so let’s just put down the wooden club and leave the chest beating for when you win Wednesday night Trivia at your local ‘Rubbery Dub’ (Pub).

A Good Tradie Never Blames His Tools!

 Your pantry, fridge and freezer are your best allies and with all good partnerships, you need to give a little to get a little. We know that the relationship you have with your pantry may be reminiscent of Maverick and Iceman, but as this true love story tells us… even the greatest of enemies can become the best of friends with a little bit of an attitude change #youcanbemywingmananytime #bullshityoucanbemine

Stocking your shelves with healthy options that give you a solid base to work from is the best way to help you create fast meals that you know are not only tasty, but not adding to that old ‘Ned Kelly’ (belly)… oh dear lord… I am slowly turning into the guys.

What just happened… We blacked out! (Chris and Sash just woke up…) Thanks Jen for that insightful information on wholegrains and serving sizes! We really appreciate it! Anyway back to talking showbags… Oh wait we are done?!

Looks like Chris and Sash are going to have to have a serious sit down with Jenn… If she isn’t careful, she might actually start teaching you guys something and then they won’t have any time for their jive talk!

Until next week team, Chris and Sash will be busy trying to steal Jenn’s keyboard and the boys might even have time to actually read this blog and do something about their own panties… I mean pantries… (I actually meant panties…)

Next Week’s Blog: Organising Your Panties…. Sorry PANTRY (Part 2)

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: ‘No I will not make out with you!’

Video of the week:  Heed the warning of the very last guy in this video. He spits the truth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkKRkfZYhlE

Fit Tradie Challenge: Organise your pantry!

The TFTFPFSHSJHACCOTW…. Ok it’s still a working title!


Unfortunately we ran out of money designing the initial logo so this is it for now!

Righteo Fit Tradies it’s week 2 and just like Big Kev ‘We’re excited!’ As we said in the last blog, Fit Tradie is introducing The Fit Tradie Fist Pumping Fitness Slash Healthy Slash just have a crack Challenge of the week aka TFTFPFSHSJHACCOTW! It’s a working title ok, but for now let’s refer to it as the ‘Fit Tradie Challenge’. What this aims to do is to try something different for the week and get marginally healthier at the same time…. Whether it’s going for a walk, throwing a footy around, doing crunches to reach for that cold stubby on the table or for one week refraining from attempting the 3kg hotdog challenge at your local pub! We’ll be putting a few things out there…if you love it then let us know…if not, again we ask you to send the blog to someone you don’t like so you can waste their time too!

Before we get stuck in I hope everyone is feeling a tad healthier than Chris today… It was his 30th Birthday yesterday and rumour has it he had 14 pieces of cake –  one of which Sash actually jumped out of in a poker dot bikini (I think we all just dry reached in our mouths at the thought of that). Chris did however make a very bogus claim stating that anything with a candle on it, is officially a birthday cake. No Chris, A big Mac with a candle in it is not a bloody birthday cake! In either case a big Happy 30th to Mr Weir, we look forward to using him in a few upcoming Fit Tradie Challenges, to work off all that ‘Ned Kelly’ (Belly) of his!

Ok, the ‘Fit Tradie Challenge’. As mentioned above Fit Tradie is introducing the weekly ‘Fit Tradie challenge’ whereby Tradies will trial or change one thing about their usual routine for the week in the hope of assisting their health and wellbeing. Due to popular demand, but to both Sash and Chris’s surprise, the fans seem to be enjoying the educational, healthy recipes, instead of the “Chris and Sash Banter Blogs” … Funny that, guys! So this week, our resident Nutritionist/Dietitian/Super Cook has come up with another absolute CRACKER of a recipe that we want you to try as part of the first ‘Fit Tradie Challenge’! We have named it the Fit Tradie Crispy-but-Still-Healthy-Chicken-Stripolatas (we thought Stripolatas sounded way more fancy than Strips). See below for details as well as the 7 steps to greatness!

Name: Crispy-but-Still-Healthy-Chicken-Stripolatas

Time to prep: 20 minutes’ max OR half of a schooner (low carb)

Ingredients: A few

Servings: Approximately 2

To cook: Oven does it all for you

Rating: Not bad at all

Beverage to accompany: Low carb beer


Rope and Chopping board anyone? Construction themed food is what we do!


  • 1 x Chicken Breast
  • Plain Wholemeal Flour
  • Pepper
  • Mixture of Dried Herbs; Thyme/Oregano/Parsley/Rosemary/Onion/Garlic (whatever you want really)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 2 Free Range Eggs
  • Breadcrumbs


  1. Preheat the oven to 180℃ and line a baking tray with baking paper or foil. If using foil, lightly spray with a vegetable oil so the chicken won’t stick.
  2. In 3 separate bowls, place whisked eggs, flour and breadcrumbs
  3. Slice chicken into thick strips or whatever style you fancy
  4. Lightly shake dried onion, dried garlic, herbs, salt and pepper directly on to the chicken meat so they are coated evenly. Jenn’s note; any flavour combo can be used. If you like a bit of heat, add in some chilli and paprika for colour OR Mustard powder and cumin for that southern flavour (we don’t know what cumin is but apparently it’s a real spice)
  5. Get each strip and place into the flour, then coat in egg, then cover in breadcrumbs. Try to coat evenly. Place crumbed strip onto the baking tray and continue until all of the chicken is coated.
  6. Place in preheated oven and cook until golden brown, turning once (approximately 30-35mins)
  7. Serve with your ‘go to’ salad or if you couldn’t be asked get some frozen steamed veg!


Nutritional information (based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating for an Adult):

  • A great source of Lean Protein
  • 1/2 serve of wholegrain grains and cereals
  • When eaten with fresh salad or steamed veggies, it is also a good source of fibre
  • Aim to ¾ cover your plate in salad or vegetables

That’s what we call the Fit Tradie ‘7 steps of greatness’ right there and our very first ‘Fit Tradie Challenge’. As discussed in the last blog Chris and Sash like to have a crack at their own recipes and this week is no different! Note to selves: there are two buttons on the oven – one for temperature and one to actually turn it on! Idiots!


Help’s if you turn the oven on!


It is a pleasure as always Fit Tradie Family, we hope you enjoyed another blog that had minimal banter by the lads and has some actual informative material! Until next time team, get that apron on, crack yourself a cold bottle of water (or extra-low carb beer), turn your oven on (so you don’t get food poisoning like we did) and get cooking!

Next Week’s Blog: We want to keep this as a surprise…in other words we are still thinking of something… stay tuned Tradies!

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: ‘A big Mac with a candle in it, is not a cake’

Video of the week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H3sy2-fUpY (Just Because it’s hilarious)

Recipe of the week: Crispy-but-still-healthy-Chicken-Stripolatas (click here)

Fit Tradie Challenge: Try our recipe of the week prior to our next blog! It’s a deadest CRACKER!

In addition to this we want you to try cut out energy drinks for the majority of the week (if you can try the whole week). This will reduce your sugar intake by 300 tonnes and hopefully leave you feeling better off beside the anger and withdrawals *300 tonnes is only an estimate by two porkchops, please refer to an expert for actual sugar content based off your diet.

Burger with the LOT!


Hashtag Get Your Cook On!

Week 3 and we can’t believe people are still reading this blog. In saying this there hasn’t been much in the news and people are slowly winding up after the break…in either case thanks for continuing the journey with us even though at times it may seem like ‘we’re on the road to nowhere’…Talking Heads? 1980’s? Anyone with us here?

This week we are introducing a new section to the Fit Tradie blog…Fit Tradie’s Tantalising Tasty Treats That Tend to Taste Terrific (It is a working title…don’t judge us)! Now we can hear you all saying ‘but there’s already so many recipe books out there, make like an egg white and beat it!’. On a side note – Awesome synonym…. Secondly, we are trying to take traditional Tradie foods and make them slightly healthier to save you a few extra inches around the ‘Ned Kelly’ (belly).

As mentioned previously, Chris and Sash like to lead a healthy yet balanced lifestyle however after consultation with a nutritionist they were subsequently advised that eating a hamburger with the lot with a side of deep fried wedges and half a dozen Krispy cream doughnuts followed by several ‘Pigs Ears’ (beers) was not a healthy option. They therefore thought it appropriate to engage a nutritionist to assist with this side of things. Introducing Jennifer Howard aka The Nutty Nutritionist (no pun intended). Based on the above we couldn’t be trusted to issue advice on food without putting it through an expert which is where Jen comes in.


I like to hold an empty coffee cup and not look at the camera when getting photos!

Jen has an honors Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics (whatever that means…I think it’s food), wears glasses that are too big for her head, loves op shops, is 16-foot-tall and used to have her own catering business where she once supplied healthy food to the President of the United States of America (and by President of the United States of America we mean an American exchange student). Besides being a UFC fighter on weekends she is putting some time aside to help out Fit Tradie and provide healthy eating alternatives for all you fluoro wearing men and women out there!

As mentioned above our key ideaology (yeah we spelt it wrong but it was a big word that none of us could quite figure out how to spell) is to provide healthy eating options to traditional tradie foods i.e. hamburgers, pizza, sausages, meat pie’s etc. One thing we don’t want you doing is going to the supermarket and measuring 153.7g of avocado induced hemp seed adzuki beans (and yes adzuki beans are apparently real and also healthy for you)…Instead we want you flying by the fresh food aisle on the front of the trolley while your mate pushes you, grabbing a handful of carrots then suddenly realising you’re 31 years of age and that kind of behaviour is frowned upon.

With this in mind we thought we’d kick-start our healthier eating with a good ole fashion burger. There’s nothing more Australian than a burger with the lot. Urban Dictionary defines a burger as ‘Minced and reformed beef in a vaguely disc-shaped slab, cooked, and placed inside a bread roll, possibly along with various vegetables and sauces. Usually the meat is sourced from cheap offcuts and has a higher than average fat content. That being said, there is something distinctly refreshing about biting into a great greasy burger once every so often.’ And we agree! However instead of meat sourced from cheap offcuts we want you to source some premium meat…in this case we are going to use Turkey Mince to create a burger with a side of potatoes we named ‘The Jive-Turkey-Burger’! For those of you who don’t know what a turkey is; 1. You are a Turkey; and 2. It’s like the older healthier brother of a chicken. This recipe is a quick and easy meal to prepare and would impress even the most sophisticated of Tradies. FAST Facts:

Name: ‘The Jive-Turkey-Burger’

Time to prep: 15 mins max OR quarter of a schooner (low carb of course)

Ingredients: Not many

Servings: Approximately 5 (left overs for days)

To cook: Bugger all

Rating: Delicious

Beverage to accompany: Low carb beer


Yeah we like taking pictures of our meals on the grass…don’t you?

 Nutritional information (based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating for an Adult and according to Jen the Nutty Nutritionist ):

  • A great source of Lean Protein
  • Good source of fibre
  • One serve of wholegrain Grains & Cereals.
  • One serve of Dairy
  • One serve of vegetables

Click here to check out the recipe!

Being the Master Chefs they claim to be, Chris and Sash had a crack at the above and it turned out really well for them (see below). As you can see the resemblance is uncanny!


Hamburger with the lot!

Good work gents (eyes wide open sarcastic emoji face)! Another week and another blog down like a lead balloon. To the readers out there – Thank you for your comments! We did see one comment that said ‘you blokes have a head like a box of spanners’ and thought that was excellent. To the Fit Tradie that said this…we say well done however we actually believe a box of spanners are more attractive not to mention our fore heads are much shinier. In either case love your work! This week we are asking for other recipe suggestions whether it’s ‘surf and turf’, ‘reef and beef’, ‘chook or hook’…we want to hear it!

Next Week’s Blog: The Fit Tradie Fist Pumping Fitness Slash Healthy Slash just have a crack Challenge of the week aka TFTFPFSHSJHACCOTW! Ok we got a bit excited with that name – but next week we’ll be writing about the ‘Fit Tradie Challenge’. Stay tuned!

Happy Straya Day Tradies!

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: ‘If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the Kitchen’

Video of the week: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xT6zn1zpHsg

Workout of the week: Key to this workout is to get in a quick sesh before Australia Day festivities kick off. Get up nice and early and before having your first froff get stuck into the below whilst watching inspirational YouTube videos:

  • 3 sets of the following:
    • 20 push-ups with you feet on the ground and hands up on the side of the couch
    • 20 sit-ups (just plain crunches reaching for those massive flippers)
    • 20 dips with feet on the floor, legs straight and hands on the edge of the couch
    • Grab a cool beverage in each hand for a bit of weight (could be a stubby but don’t drink ’em) and hold your arms out straight out to the side of your body and hold them parallel to the ground for 60 seconds. When you hit 60 seconds change and hold them directly out in front of you for another 60 seconds parallel to the ground

Recipe of the week: ‘The Jive-Turkey-Burger’