Welcome to Fit Tradie – A blog that is off chops like a Vegetarian and tailored to all you Tradies out there!

We want to first welcome everyone to Fit Tradie – a blog where two Aussie blokes will offer their perspectives on how to lead a healthy yet balanced lifestyle and where smashing the odd ‘Chiko Roll’ or sinking a ‘Pigs Ear’ (beer) is strongly encouraged! Don’t be fooled though, this blog won’t be all about lifestyle either! We may fancy putting our 2 cents in on current affairs, construction news, tradie talk, Donald Trump, why people grunt at the gym…the world is our Oyster! If we run out of material we may talk Show Bags for the week, who knows! The main aim of Fit Tradie is to put something out there which doesn’t conform to the traditional blogs and something that people will actually enjoy reading (spelling mistakes inclusive) and will also get something out of!

To get to know these guys a bit better,  visit the ‘People’ page or click here!