Team Fit tradies!

We are officially on a streak – 3 weeks running with blogs and we are about as pumped as a pair of 90s basketball shoes (Reebok pumps for those of you playing at home…) (Ok, so for those of you born in the 2000’s here is a picture for reference:)

Pump it up!

Press that little orange basketball and it pumps your shoes up! A lot like Sasha, press his ba… Ok, ok, let’s move on.

So – How did everyone go with their time management tips last week? We are expecting that you put them all to great use – (Although we are quietly hoping that you forgot to turn off your email notifications, so this bad boy comes through and you don’t miss reading our latest blogs….)

We will say that Chris sat Sash down and walked him through the last blog and has made it clear that time management is indeed important to both our readers life, as well as ours… Key items that were brought up in this chat:

  1. Stop checking each and every one of his 7,000 likes every time he posts, just to figure out who is and isn’t single… (Seriously ladies – he is single) (Sash – stop taking the bloody keyboard…)
  2. Stop sinking excessive amounts of froff.
  3. Stop procrastinating about what reality show you will be going on next and just bite the bullet and get on the upcoming show “Construction manager with a receding hairline wants a wife or at least a Mrs”
  4. Stop wasting your time with the hilarious videos of scaring the shit out of people with horns in your office! (But seriously, never stop that…)

So onto this week’s blog; Chris is taking over the kitchen and the keyboard today for his Smoko-Shed-Omelette which he claims he can do on a sandwich press. A self-confessed master chef (also known around the FT headquarters as “the special kid in the Fit Tradie Master Chef kitchen…”) (same, same but different…) anyways Chriso – take it away big guy!

Thanks guys for that…. Nice introduction. Ladies, gentleman, Sash, it is an absolute pleasure to be taking over the kitchen to show you this quick, easy, and damn delicious smoko that is a staple in my daily diet (I don’t literally eat staples… as delicious as this looks…)


The good thing about this omelette is there is no measuring, it is all healthy, so a handful here and a handful there is the perfect measuring tool!



What you will need:

  • A red-hot smile on the dial – Note Sashas here;
  • Image-1
  • 3-4 eggs (pending if you’re a big dog or not…)
  • A splash of milk
  • Handful of baby spinach
  • Handful of shredded ham
  • Half a handful (I think that is a thing..?) of shredded cheese (Keep it light if possible)
  • Couple of sliced cherry tomatoes
  • Quick crack of salt and pepper if your looking at spoiling yourself!
  • Feel free to get creative: Spanish onion, light feta, chocolate (Sash, give me the keyboard back you pork chop!) – no chocolate.


  • Turn the sandwich press on – It is always a good idea to do that…
  • Grab a bowl and crack your 3x or 4x eggs in there
  • Throw in the splash of milk (be mindful not to put too much, otherwise it won’t fit on the sandwich press. It may take a few goes to perfect this!)
  • Add a quick crack of salt and pepper and beat away with a fork until you get a nice consistency (Sash get your mind out of the gutter)
  • Time to start adding the good stuff – throw in your tomato/baby spinach/cheese/ham and give it a quick stir
  • This is where the balancing act begins… Literally. Now pending the sandwich press – you may have a small lip right around the plate (Which makes life a little easier, unfortunately I don’t have this luxury in my site office – hence the strategic plates that are propping up the sandwich press, which you will see in the below photo to make it just out of level, leaning the hot plate to the back to prevent unwanted spillage of the omelette! (Engineering at its best people!)
  • Now slowly pour your FTO (just abbreviated Fit Tradie Omelette unnecessarily… You’re welcome.) onto the hotplate, being careful not to let the omelette spill over the edge. You may need one of your fellow Fit Tradies for the first pour so they can assist in propping the sandwich press as required
  • Now most sandwich presses will have a lockable arm so you can float the top plate just over the top of your masterpiece, if yours doesn’t, you will need to get creative with your plates and potentially a cup to hold open the sandwich press. Check out this engineering feet below:


  • Once your FTO looks similar to the photo below -You are ready to rock!

Voila! There you have it, the FTO aka The Smoko-Shed-Omelette!


Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: “The next time you wake up, you’ll be needing a new haircut”

Fit Tradie Challenge: Cook the above, film it, and share it, tag Fit Tradie, and we will share it on our socials!

 Video of the week: Spaghetti-o NO!


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