Tradie Stereotypes

Fit Tradie gang, Happy festive season! Who the hell is this, I hear you guys ask? Solid point… It has been a while between drinks with the Fit Tradie family and for that, we apologises. But as we always say – Distance makes the heart grow fonder… Or something like that, right? (Didn’t quite work for Sash though…. oooooo touchy subject but how about you get a tea spoon of cement big fella and harden up).

What a time to post though – We are currently typing this while pumping the Christmas tunes throughout FT-HQ (Fit Tradie Head Quarters, for those of you playing at home). Sash is sitting in his Christmas underwear drinking (Healthy, yet still very alcoholic) egg nog while Chris is dancing around the fire place roasting marshmallows…. We did quickly realise that we are not in America, and in fact it is summer, so we put the fire out and just ate cold marshmallows… Good chat.

So what is this blog about? As the title eludes too, we are crushing Tradie Stereotypes (And no we don’t mean we are walking around to random utes on the street, pulling out stereos and jumping on them) We mean those stereotypes of us tradies eating meat pies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

After reading some read hot statistics from we new we couldn’t miss out on shooting out some positive statistics about the construction industry, some that even surprised us!

Smoking: You absolute legends are nailing it (tradie pun intended) in this department (Although there is always more that we can do) 74.72% of tradies don’t smoke and 16.60% of those of you that do, only smoke 1 per day. Which personally we think is one of the most positive changes in the health and wellbeing of our industry.Funny-Quit-smoking-Memes-1 We should note that if you do want to give up smoking there are plenty of avenues you can go down. Quit line: 13 7848 and you may be surprised that the government has done some good (Disclaimer: All the FT family believe the government is doing a great job and if they were to give us a government grant to help expand Fit Tradie, we would not be angry at it….) But in all seriousness, their website for quitting smoking is great and has plenty of options, from getting a “Quit Coach”, through to troubleshooting options and plenty of tools and resources to help you kick the habit! Check it out here:

Tunes onsite: Another shock to us – Tradies are still loving talk back radio. Old Alan Jones is still getting a start on site! And although Nova and today FM are still the preferred choice on the airwaves, 19.91% of tradies are listening to podcasts while at work, which is extremely tech-savvy of you guys! We can only assume that everyone is holding their breath, waiting for both Chris and Sash to get a start with either Nova or Today FM to kick off their own show, so we can have 100% conformance on the one radio station… No pressure Nova/Today FM… But seriously, contact our manager….. Or us.. Ok, just contact us, now…. Right now. The only thing you need to know is that we can talk more showbags than the Royal Easter Show.

hamish and andy
Chris and Sash career change?

Kale Prevails:


(You bet your sweet pippy that rhymed – you are welcome.) An unsurprising one to us, but the stats are officially in! 84% of the tradie world prefer a healthy packed lunch from home, with only 16% of us admitting to still eating takeaway onsite. Now like the FT team always preach – it is all about balance. Have that Friday “buy day”, have that quiet schoo-ey’ on a Friday arvo, but clearly you guys are all over it with your kale salads and zucchini fritters during the week! Please note if you were a part of this survey – Putting a kale leaf on top of your four n twenty pie does not constitute a “Healthy lunch”… But well played if you do that!

Healthy Meal w Kale
Nice try, mate…


Bored of stats? So are we, but we believe this is an extremely important blog to show all the non-tradie-FT-blog-readers, what we already knew, the industry is changing for the good! Fit Tradie wants to be one the leaders in continuing to promote this transformation of the industry! So to help us do that – please make sure you share this post, talk to your friends about FT, or even just randomly drop the Fit Tradie name when you are out at dinner (weird… but why not?) To help us become the leaders of this industry shift!

Until next time Tradies… keep it tight and bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: Call up your local radio station and tell them you want Chris and Sash on your airwaves… Its not a quote… but you should still do it… 😉

Video of the week: A classic one Shit Tradies Never Say…

Fit Tradie Challenge: Send us a video of your healthy “Kale prevails” smoko/lunch and we will post it on our social media with a shout out to you and your awesome lunch!

Statistics are from from a survey of 1,700 users of tradie marketplace,  It should also be noted the below snapshot of there website:

service seeking

Any website that has promotional photos of a guy squinting to see the camera, a pregnant women doing weights and someone hiding within a bunch of clothes hanging up – you can trust! In all seriousness – great website – jump on it!

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