Lady Tradies – A Call to Arms!

Evening Fit Tradies… hope you’re all having a fantastic week and ready for an absolute cracker of a weekend! This week we talk about ‘Lady Tradies!’ As a quick show of hands – hands up if you’re a bloke in the construction industry…. Righto now hands up if you are one of our much needed ‘Lady Tradies’? As you can see, the number of men putting their hands up significantly outweighed the number of women!


Please note this photo has nothing to do with the blog but it’s a deadest ripper!

A good friend of Sasha’s, Vanessa ‘Crollsy’ Crolls from RendezView, published a piece on this by Dr Karen Struthers earlier in the year which talks about women in the construction industry as well as a trade skills shortage (Link to Article). It goes on to talk about a whole pool of untapped talent in the young women of Australia and speaks about the fact that female tradies represent around two per cent of the construction industry. It’s not a bad read if you’ve got a spare 5 minutes (or 45 minutes if you’re slightly illiterate and have an IQ less than a toaster like Sash and Chris).

Now Fit Tradies, let’s look at this from the following point of view – ‘What would happen if there were no women in the Construction Industry?’. We interviewed a range of people at the ‘Rubbery Dub’ [Pub] and below are some key findings from our investigations:

  1. Innovation would be dangerous – In the Construction Industry, innovation is strongly encouraged. Innovation (if done correctly) can not only increase efficiency but can also reduce, if not eliminate, the risks of certain tasks (hierarchy of control everyone… you’re welcome). If the Construction Industry was purely made up of men, then we would see innovation of a different kind (see below).


Trimming a Hedge has never been so easy!


No scaffolding? No Worries!

Now although these images still portray elements of innovation, they also make way for significant risks to both the user and those around them.

  1. Productivity would decrease – As we all know, when a group of men get together then group mentality can kick in and anything can happen. Try this particular tradie for example…


Don’t get me wrong, we think this bloke is hilarious and we’re spewin we didn’t think of it earlier, however probably not the most productive use of time.

  1. Practical Jokes would be on the rise – Everyone likes a good old practical joke and in construction both men and women can be innovative in their approach. As an example we want you to watch the following video and tell us what you notice:


There are a few items to note: 1. Classic construction humour and we deadset pissed ourselves; 2. Some dangerous yet good ideas in there; 3. We have discovered our Fit Tradie challenge of the week (Try and skull a beer (low carb) whilst on the end of a wacker packer without spilling it); and 4. Everyone in this video is male!

  1. Design resolution would be dubious at best – Have you heard the expression ‘Did you have a boy’s look?’ This loosely applies to men in the construction industry and the on site resolution of design issues. Exhibits A and B below:


Design Resolution… CAN that! (Ok that was bad but we had nothing else)

Now to wrap all this up Fit Tradies, this is not to say that men in the construction industry are all like this and vice versa… this was just a way to bring a bit of humour to a topic that hopefully makes you ask the question:  how many lady tradies do you know compared to blokes in the industry? I think we’d all admit that having a few more Fit Tradie Ladies can only be a good thing!

In light of this Fit Tradie is putting out a call to arms to all you ladies out there contemplating joining the construction industry… come get a slice of the merchandise and based off the above you may save a few lives along the way!

Until next time Tradies… keep it tight and bright!

– Sash and Chris –


Quote of the week: ‘Fit Tradie Digs Equality more than an Excavator’… Righto we realise this wasn’t our best material but it’s a Friday and we are in dire need of a ‘Pigs Ear’ (Beer).


Fit Tradie Challenge: Try and skull a beer (low carb) whilst on the end of a wacker packer without spilling it.

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