Recipe time: FT Bangers and Mash!

Fit Tradie Family,

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying there winter morning, as much as we are! We know Chris loves a classic Canberra’s frosty morning- this is actual footage of him walking to work each day:

So to get you guys feeling a bit warmer on the insides – Our favourite nutritionist and our self-proclaimed-superstar-of-all-things-nutritony (we may have made that up…) has come up with another absolute CRACKER of a recipe for us: FT Bangers and Mash! #DroolFaceEmoji Take it away Jenn Jenn!


Name: Bangers n’ Mash

Time to prep: approx. 40 minutes to cook (15mins prep time)

Ingredients: A few

To cook: Oven does half the work for you

Rating: “I want that sausage in and around my mouth” – Sash… (FT Does not endorse this statement….)

Beverage to accompany: Surely a glass of red… (Loaded with a heap of antioxidants!… but only ONE glass, team!)


  • Lean sausages –  we went with lamb and rosemary
  • Your choice of greens
  • Sweet potato
  • Potato
  • Garlic clove or powder
  • Smooth, light/lowfat ricotta
  • Onion
  • Olive oil
  • Gravy mix – aim for reduced sodium variety


  1. -Oven bake sausages- depending on size, approx 40mins at 190Deg Celcius
  2. GETTING MASH STARTED: when the sausages are half cooked, that’s the cue to get going on the mash. Peel and chop up sweet potato and potato in a 2:1 ratio. Potato helps keep it fluffy as sweet potato can get waterlogged. Place in boiling water with garlic and boil till cooked, turn off heat but keep warm until the snags are done.
  3. GRAVY: slice onion and sweat in a frypan with a little olive oil. Make gravy according to packet instructions and add the made up gravy to the cooked onions, stir and set aside but keep warm.
  4. GREENS: place greens in a microwaveable dish, cover with something that will allow for steam to escape, add a little water and ‘steam’ for 3mins.
  5. FINISH MASH: while veg is steaming, drained cooked potatoes and mash through a large table spoon or two of the low fat ricotta. Keep mashing until combined and fluffy.
  6. SERVE: Remove excess oil from the baked sausages with paper towel. Plate up with the gravy, veg and mash and serve with cracked pepper.


CUT. IT. OUT. JENN! You have made me want dinner at 8:30am in the morning!

So there you have it Fit Tradie-ers, another winter warmer, to make your lips go flipity-flop!

Until next time Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Saying of the week:                        “I want that sausage in and around my mouth”

Video of the week:             

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