We’re Back with Fit Tradie Fashion Tips!

Righto Fit Tradies, calm your farm… we hear you and yes we are SORRY! Sorry that we’ve been on holiday living it up and leaving you all high and dry! And by holiday we mean work and by high and dry we mean staying low and sinking a heap of froff (low carb of course). We realise we’ve been off the radar for some time however being builders what do you expect… I’ll give you the hot tip it’s not on time and under budget! In either case, we’ve got a wet day on site and WE ARE BACK BABY!

Wet Weather

Current Site Conditions

How have you all been? **INSERT AWKWARD SILENCE* Great, excellent…GOOD CHAT!

Now we know not all of you are ‘ridiculously good looking’ fashionistas like Chris and Sash (please refer to the below non-doctored image of the two of them) so to get everyone back into the groove we thought we’d put together a few tips to help you with ‘Fit Tradie Fashion’.

CandS Zoolander

So Hot Right Now!

Picture this: It’s a Friday, you’ve finished work for the day and you’re covered in shit (literally if you’re a plumber)… you go home in your HQ One Tonner, have a ‘Craig Gower’ (Shower), spray on your ‘Sex Panther’ and wonder on over to your wardrobe to have a ‘Captain Cook’ (look) and think… ‘what threads am I going to wear tonight that will allow me to assert a degree of authority yet still allow enough mobility to do the mud worm on the DF (Dance Floor)’… Never fear because ‘Fit Tradie Fashion Tips’ are here.

(For definition of a mud-worm go 25 seconds in… will change your life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysUn1KfAo-U)


5 Fit Tradie Fashion Tips

  1. Don’t Overcook it!

In the fashion world, I’d say go for gold…. However, being a Fit Tradie, less is more and we’ll give you two reasons: 1. If you dressed like this bloke on a job site you’d cop more shit than a sewage works; and 2. There is no doubt that this bloke has overcooked it.

Less is more

What?! Too Much?

Imagine being at the Disco with ‘Summer Rain’ playing, then casually strolling up to an empty DF (Dance Floor) and trying to do the Rodeo Clown in this clobber… in the words of Rex Kwondo ‘FORGET ABOUT IT!’

  1. Don’t undercook it!

If there is one thing your mother would have told you (and Sasha’s mum continues to reinforce this to him) is that you can never be over-dressed. However, on the opposite end of the scale you can definitely be under-dressed. When going to an event or a function and it says ‘smart casual’ on your invite – this means that in most instances a Mankini is off limits… unless of course it’s under your ‘bowl of fruit’ (Suit) and it’s your party trick for later in the night.


Very Niiiicee!

So, Fit Tradie’s when going out and debating whether to throw a set of pants on the ‘getaway sticks’ think of Fit Tradies Fashion Tips and don’t undercook it.

  1. No Steel Caps outside of the work site!

As you are all aware us Tradie’s are impartial to going out in our steel reinforced toes and seeing what heavy objects you can drop on your toes until you forget one day that you are actually wearing a set of RM’s and bust your toe…but that’s for another day! The two main reason we don’t want to wear our steel caps after work are as follows:

Main reason: You get kicked out of the local leagues club after 6:00pm if you are wearing steel caps and nobody wants to be booted (pardon the pun…but you are welcome) mid parmigiana!

Secondary reason: You will end up looking like Kanye West in his Timberlands!


Left his Steel Caps on… Hence the Dirty Look!

While we are on Kanye can we please just make special mention of his latest shoes due for release any day. Is it just us or they look more like a pair of New Balance $20 specials from Kmart!

Kanye Shoes

Of course i’ll pay $200 for them when i can get them from Kmart for $20!

So as much as we love our main man Kanye, some things (almost all things) Kanye does, ONLY Kanye does #FitTradieRuleofThumb

  1. Ranga is in!

This is no more evident than our good friend Ed Sheeran who is taking the Ranga community to the next level!

Ed Sheeran

It worked for Ed!

So to all you Fit Tradie Ranga’s out there – we salute you! For all those non-ranga-Fit Tradies: look at dying your hair, not only does it immediately give you the ability to play the guitar, but you will also be on point in the fashion world. Don’t forget to have some fun with it as well, like old mate below:

Ginger Bread


  1. Don’t Dress Like an Accordion

We’d like to think this one is self-explanatory however for clarity please refer to the below image. If Chris and Sash dressed like that they’d have to kick their own arse.


Accordions are out!

So again, do yourselves a favour and don’t dress like a musical instrument. In the Tradie circles this can often be frowned upon unless you’re dressed up as a Led Zepplin Guitar playing ‘Whola Lotta Love’.

Well Fit Tradie’s there you go… 5 of the best right there! I don’t know about you guys but it felt good to get one away (the blog that is). Chris and Sash are back baby… you know it!

With all this being said we didn’t want to leave our Fit Tradie’s with all these amazing tips and no additional fruit to use it. So, to help all you Fit Tradie’s with getting some new threads we have teamed up with Jeanswest to give all Fit Tradie readers a discount for all purchases from their online store.  Details to follow on our Instagram Page (fittradie).


Looking forward to talking showbags again soon and don’t forget to throw up some comments on our comments page!

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –


Quote of the week: ‘Oh my goodness… did that guy just do the mudworm? What a legend!’

Video of the week: The mudworm 25 sec in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysUn1KfAo-U

Fit Tradie Challenge: Get yourself onto the Jeanswest website and grab some clobber to look prim and proper… details of Fit Tradie specials to follow!


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