Fit Tradie interview time!

Hello Fit Tradie team! We hope everyone is having an absolute hornswoggler of a day (is that even a word)! This week we are introducing a new section to the flog (Fit Tradie blog) – Fit Tradie interviews! Although the boys seem to think this section of the blog was created due to there extremely professional interviewing ability, it is in fact namely due to their lack of ability to have anything interesting to say. Not to mention that there are way more interesting people than Sash and Chris out there (although they don’t seem to think so…)

So, without further ado – our first interview, we were lucky enough to be spoilt for choice with not one but TWO people – a power couple in the Canberra Tradie AND fitness scene, Fit Tradies good friends: Nathan Tait and Capri Cross:

3, 2, 1 anddddd FLEX! Nathan Tait and Capri Cross

Welcome Guys! Thanks for having us – we are massive fans of Fit Tradie and think you guys are the ducks nuts! (Ok…so we added that last part… but the rest of this interview is 100% Nathan and Capri!) 

Ok, so for people who haven’t heard of the power couple “Napri” (Ok, so we made up that mash of names up too… But we think it will stick!) lets do some quick hitters, so the readers get to know you a bit better:

Full Names: Nathan Tait/Capri Cross

Ages: 31/26

Occupation/s: Bricklayer and Supplement store owner/Furniture maker

Company names (Brick laying/ supplements/Joinery): Bace Bricklaying Pty Ltd/ Prodigy Performance Nutrition

Awards for body building: 3x Mr Physique Act, 2016 Mr Physique National Champ

Any other awards: American National Rugby league champs 2012/ 1st in getting Nathan Tait to propose

Righto Taity, no need to brag mate (and good work Capri!)! Alright, lets get into this:

1. Thanks heaps for taking the time to sit down with Fit Tradie! So you are both tradies, when did you kick off in the construction industry? 

Nathan: I started laboring with my old man in 1999 in school holidays for a bit of extra cash and continued through till present, picked up a uni degree in secondary teaching in PD/H/PE and Cert 3 in Personal training along the way too.

Capri: I was interested in design and tech at school, am part way through an industrial design degree at uni and wanted to take some time off in 2015 to get a little more hands on and am nearly finished my furniture building apprenticeship.

2. Now Taity, you have your own Brickies business, when did you take the plunge into starting your business? Do you have a company slogan? i.e. we lay em, you pay em? in 2013 i decided to form my own company. don’t have a promotional slogan as such but try and endorse the slogan “there are no problems just solutions” to my employees and apprentices.

3. Any tips for tradies looking at starting their own company? Give it a crack! Make sure u have enough money saved to pay your men and finally don’t do anything you wouldn’t do on your own house.

4. Capri, what made you decide to get into a trade? I always wanted to have a hands on job. When I went to uni I realized that they only teach you theory and how to design things on the computer. That was too boring for me so I took some time off to learn the hands on side. I could never go back to a desk job.

5. Taity, You have managed to not only run a sups business and a brickies company, but you also decided to do body building amongst all of this! Do you ever stop?! And secondly do you enjoy wearing male g-strings? Haha, yeah. Always enjoyed playing rugby league and the gym was a big part of that, so when i retired i still loved the gym so bodybuilding seemed like a logical progression and a way to satisfy my competitive streak. Secondly only on special occasions, they make me feel pretty haha (just jokes)

6. Sure you are joking mate…. So, Sash and Chris have been talking, and with you now Being Mr Physique – Australia, surely you would just never put a shirt on?! Have you ever used your chiseled features to get something for free, i.e a cheeseburger? (Remember your better half is sitting next to you, mate…) Haha, if only it were that easy. I do stay shirtless as much as i can, purely for comfort reasons lol, the best I’ve done out of it has been the odd free drink when out on the town.

7. It must be tough doing a trade, early mornings etc., and still manage to keep a strict regime at the ‘kath and kim’ (gym)/ eating? it can be mate, but helps when you have a gem of a missus like Capri. She does most of my meal prep weeks in advance so I just have to pull meals out of the freezer to take to work and hit the gym consistently. My business partner, Cam, at the shop is a nutritionist and handles my dietary requirements and I see an expert trainer at Real Fit gym for my weights programming. I’ve tried to organise myself so I can focus on managing my businesses and putting in the hard yards at the gym!!

We couldn’t agree more Taity, I mean, when Sash and Chris were competing with you, they were doing the same thing…

This may or may not be an accurate portrayal of what actually happened…

Taity: That is horrible lads…

8. Not sure what you mean Taity… Anyway –  what would your top 3 tips be for someone that is doing a trade and also wanting to get into body building? Organise your food, have a specific training program and listen to your body so you rest and recover to avoid injury

9. Capri, Fit Tradie loves how the construction industry is becoming more and more diverse! #GirlPower! Do you have any tips/comments for women reading this, who are keen to get into a trade? If you really want to do it then start. I know it is hard to find someone to employ you but women can be so beneficial. We have patience and small hands. I do get told that I shouldn’t be doing this job or that I’m a liar when I tell someone what I do for work but it just fuels my passion even more.

10. Being both tradies, who fixes things around the house? Is it a 50/50 set up, or does Capri put you to shame? 

Taity: that would have to be Capri, I lack the patience and time, who am I kidding, she’s just better at that stuff lol

Capri: I need him to lift heavy stuff and for the extra hands, the rest I do. Gotta get use of those guns. 

11. Who is the chef in the house? 

Taity: this is more of a 50/50, i like to think my meals turn out better though

Capri: I’m the chef mainly. I do smoko’s and lunch’s and bulk meals to freeze. Nath can cook though. Naked with just an apron on. I call him Nathan Oliver. He’s not just looks.

Funny you say that Capri… We some how managed to get a couple of sneaky photos of said, Naked Chef…

Cut. It. Out. Mate! But seriously, we would both turn for you…

12. Capri, how hard is it living with a bloke that eats 45 servings of food each day? Its good and bad. It reminds me to eat regularly but having to stop every couple of hours to eat gets frustrating at times.

13. Do you ever spike Taitys food with a heap of sugar?! Sugar isn’t the scary thing. It’s if his food isn’t weighed to the exact gram. So if he shits me I’ll put a lil less of something and mess with his gains.

14. If things weren’t busy enough last year, you also managed to get engaged! Congratulations! Taity, how did you propose big fella?! By the way – we’ve been trying to call you but you’re always engaged! (That’s was horrible lads…) mate just like wedding planners there are proposal planners these days too!! I had a look at the packages they offered and picked out the parts I liked and made it happen. I did it after I won my last comp, had the flashest room at the park Hyatt booked on Sydney harbour, our favorite song playing in the room, champas on ice, rose petal path leading to the bed where they spelt out “will you marry me?” and two ‘Mr & Mrs” embroided robes (i was pretty confident lol) to wear and relax for the evening.

15. Cut. It. Out! You big romantic, you! So Capri, how do you think he went?! He did so well. I thought he would never be able to surprise me but he did. He thought I had a heart attack because I froze. He could have had a flash mob though… 

16. So, what’s next in Capris Tradie life – Do you want to kick off your own company? We are about to buy a house so I’m so excited to be renovating it.  Other than that I’ll be happy to be able to continue learning new stuff in a new job when I move back to Canberra 

17. You love the gym almost as much as Taity, what is your favourite part about going to the gym?  I need to get stronger for work. Building strength is my main goal. Also Nath beat me in too many wrestling matches so that’s my motivation. I’ll get him one day. 

You guys have been awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to hang out with us – we have our final “Fit Tradie Quick-hitters” to finish on – and then we will let you get back to lifting heavy things and cooking naked, together!


  1. What do you love about being a tradie? No desk, being outdoors
  2. What do you hate about being a tradie? Toll on the body
  3. What is your favourite exercise at the gym? Stiff leg deads
  4. Favourite food: Mmm whole pizza to myself
  5. Favourite movie: Prefer shows…Narcos!!
  6. Favourite song to work out to? Don’t have one but ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ reminds me of Nath
  7. Favourite brand of tool (Beside Taity): Damn, Hilti
  8. If you didnt have a gym to go to, what would be your go-to excercise around the house? Cleaning up after Nath. Yoga or sit ups.


  1. What do you love about being a tradie? being outdoors
  2. What do you hate about being a tradie? book work
  3. What is your favourite exercise at the gym? barbell shoulder press
  4. Favourite food pizza
  5. Favourite movie: blood sport (JCVD is the man!!)
  6. Favourite song to work out to flo rida, my house
  7. If you didnt have a gym to go to, what would be your go-to excercise around the house? push ups

Well there you have it Fit Tradie team! Don’t forget to check out Prodigy Nutrition next time you are in Canberra at: Hibberson St, Gungahlin, 0262417736. Or check out the website and order online at:

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: “Male G-Strings make me feel pretty…”

Video of the week: You haven’t flexed, until you have flexed until you pass out…

Fit Tradie Challenge: This is one of Chris’s favourite/most-hated memories of playing competitive basketball: Californian sprints Click on the link and check it out. Find yourself an outdoor court (you could even do it on a football field and mark out with some cones or jumpers etc.) Fit Tradie wants to see you to do 5x of these, with a 90 second break between. If you struggle to run the whole way – jog, walk, what ever you can do to make it through! Ensure you guys are warming up and stretching before and after!

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