Organising Your Panties…. Sorry PANTRY (Part 2)

Happy Friday Fit Tradies OR as we like to call it… FROFFY FRIDIES! Before we get into it, we want to apologies to all of our followers for being off line BUT we have exciting news! After 20 hours in labour and Chris standing there like a spare part, his beautiful wife Rhi has given birth to their first ‘tin lid’ (kid) Charlotte Grace Parlin Weir. Born on 28 February 2017 at a whopping 45kg and 6 feet 2 inches tall she is absolutely gorgeous, healthy and happy (please note these figures are quite loose and require further clarification but cannot be too far off the mark)! She obviously gets her looks from her mother as Chris has a head that would make an onion cry (like a kicked in bicky tin). In saying this Chris and Charlotte did get a cheeky selfie and there are some similarities…

CW and Charlotte

The resemblance is uncanny!

Alright Fit Tradies enough of the baby business it’s time to talk shop again. Continuing on from our last blog we want to finish our spiel about organising your pantries… an absolutely riveting topic we know. But that’s what Fit Tradie does. We take a shithouse topic and make it as exciting as a 1st birthday party at McDonalds.

To recap on Part 1… handy tips include taking everything out of your pantry, check use by dates, clean your shelves, if it’s growing unnecessary limbs probably best to throw it out and Chris Weir was getting shredded like Swiss Cheese (refer below)!

CW Massive

One thousand and one!

Righto… Part 2 and it’s over to Jen to talk about 3 shelf tips to help you make fast meal choices! Take it away Jenn!

Thanks guys! You two are so handsome…I honestly can’t believe how intelligent, wise, funny and muscly you guys are! Seriously, did you two get hit by a truck because you are both so massive! Ok, ok…its still Chris and Sash, but handing over right meow (did you just say meow? – Supertroopers?)… here’s Jenn!

 Thanks for finally giving me to keypad guys. As the gentlemen said (and I use the term gentlemen very loosely), to finish off we talk about 3 shelf tips to help you make fast meal choices!

  1. Think long shelf life

 This will be your saviour. We promise! Even when you don’t have the time or care factor to duck into your local grocery store, having a well-stocked pantry or freezer is what is going to save your soul.

Pasta, rice, plain Asian noodles, wraps, taco shells to use as meal bases. Aim for Wholegrain and preservative free where possible.

Tinned items; corn, tomatoes/tomato paste, beetroot, beans, pineapple etc. aim for unsweetened and no added salt varieties. These can be used to pad out salads. Tinned tuna and tinned salmon make for fast protein sources too!

Dust off up the old spice rack! If the idea of slicing and dicing onions and garlic brings tears to your eyes, just don’t do it. There is nothing wrong with the humble dried and powdered spices. Just look on the back of the pack to make sure it is 100% of the stated product to avoid nasty levels of salt. Lightly dusting your cut of meat, pterodactyl burger or adding them in recipes in place of fresh produce will have you creating delicious food and far less washing up. Dried herbs, onion, garlic, paprika, mustard powder and chilli powder are a great place to start experimenting.

Meal starters: Mexican spice mixes, salsa, curry pastes, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce etc, are all great to use to get a meal started (hence the name), just add meat, fresh veg and wallet (or whatever they say… I just realised I said wallet but I think you get the gist). Check for correct storage once opened as many products need to go in the fridge.

Frozen items; frozen fish (crumbed or not), plain pizza bases, frozen veg in 500g bags or single portion packages can help create fast dishes in very little time. In most cases, in the time it would have taken you to get your way in and out of the supermarket, you could have a meal prepared and enjoyed that was already at home in your freezer. Don’t forget that some products can be frozen once opened! Things like Wraps and shredded cheese is perfect for the freezer, with just those two items you are half way to making yourself a pizza!

  1. Defrost meat without getting that slimy grey microwave funk

 Buying meat in bulk and portioning it out into single serves with zip lock bags is a perfect way to get organised, but I get a lot of people telling me they often have frozen meat in their freezer that was probably there from when Paul Keating was in office because they never think to defrost it in time or they hate how the microwave turns a good cut of meat into a slimy, grey warm stinky mass of chewiness so they just leave it in the back of the freezer to collect icicles. Boy do I have a hot tip for you!

This is my fool proof ‘dammit I forgot to take meat out to defrost but I am hungry now’ hack that is going to save you so much time and money! Take meat you want to eat now, out of the freezer, if it’s not already in a zip lock bag, place it in one or tightly tie it up in a plastic bag so it is semi water tight. Place meat into a deep container of some kind. Boil the kettle and cover ziplocked meat with the hot water and leave for 10mins. Depending on the amount of meat and the size of the container, you might need to top up the hot water once or twice, but it will gently defrost the meat without cooking it. REMEMBER FOOD SAFETY: any meat defrosted in this method, must be cooked within 2 hrs of defrosting, and must not be refrozen.

  1. Think fresh and fast – Just like this bloke below

Fast Freddy

You won’t do it?!

Don’t underestimate the magic of the prewashed and pre-prepared salads in the chilled section of your grocery store. If you avoid eating fresh veggies and salad because you find cutting it up laborious, there are now heaps of fresh items to choose from on the chilled shelves! Ideas like shredded slaw, pre mixed salad leaves, cut up veg to snack on and there are even cut op roasting veg ready to go in the oven to bake.

Until next Flog (Fit Tradie Blog) Tradies, do yourselves a favour and watch this video ( Have a ‘Captain Cook’ (look) and get your laughing gear going!

Next Flog (Fit Tradie Blog): We talk to some of our Fit Tradies out there and get their take on life!

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –


Quote of the week: ‘Did you just say Meow?’

Video of the week:

Fit Tradie Challenge: Try not to laugh at the above video!


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