Organising Your Panties…. Sorry PANTRY (Part 1)

That’s right Fit Tradies, 5 weeks in and we are still all over you like white on rice! If you’ve been actively following our blog and sticking to our diet/workouts you should be well on your way to being cut like a picnic lunch… just like Chris below! Great progress mate…


Chris after following the Fit Tradie lifestyle for 5 weeks… Well Done big guy!

This week we talk all things panties…sorry PANTRIES! Now if you’re like Chris and Sash you will have a well organised pantry full of muscle making supplements ready to feed your pipes after the ‘Kath and Kim’ (Gym) working on the ‘Warrick Farms’ (Arms), ‘Hawks Nest’ (Chest), ‘Gary Jack’ (Back), ‘Ham and eggs’ (Legs)… I think you get the gist!



But Chris and Sash aren’t experts in this field so without further ado – lets swing the mic over to the lady who makes the best gravy, the nutritionist who is also a linguist, the girl who can make wheat curl, the female who loves a bunch of kale, the dietitian who…. Alright we’ll stop – its Jenn!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jenn here. I was chatting to the boys about wholegrains and ‘what is a serve’ and they fell asleep so I decided to jump on here and utilise the free time. After reading last week’s blog and stumbling across ‘The Fit Tradie Fist Pumping Fitness Slash Healthy Slash Just Have A Crack Challenge Of The Week’ (or the ‘Fit Tradie Challenge’) I have come up with another challenge for all you Fit Tradie’s out there i.e. Organise your Pantry!

I know, I know, I can actually feel you all shudder at the thought of tackling the beast that is your pantry and I dare not ask about the condiment shelf in your fridge, but the silver lining is that you are not alone! Tradie or not, most pantries and fridges are lands that time forgot. The good news is that by the time you finish reading this, hopefully I will have inspired you to wrangle that beast in to something more like a noble steed that helps guide you through preparing your meals instead of scaring you into ordering a pizza…although everyone deserves a cheat day!

Like all masterpieces, you need a blank canvas!

So we aren’t asking you to spend your entire Saturday morning cleaning and rearranging your entire pantry so it looks as neat as your 526 draw standalone tool box… but how about doing a super quick 4-point inspection on your shelves?

  1. Use By and Best Before Dates – Now is a great time to have a rummage through the items on your shelves to see if there is any half open bags of rice that are harbouring 17 generations of pantry moths which you suspect was left over from the summer of 1976. As a rule, best before dates do have a little bit of flexibility, but a few months ago I shared a flat with a Sparky that found a jar of mayo in his fridge that had a best before date of 2012. They do say people in glass houses cannot throw stones so if your sweet potato looks like mine did after an overseas holiday, then probably best to throw it away (see below);


Hot tip – This sweet potato is past its used by date!

  1. Check your containers are air tight – You want to keep your opened food as fresh as a Tradie Tool Belt and containers with ill-fitting lids will need to be shown the door;
  2. Wipe down your shelves – Once you’ve cleared out your pantry wipe down the shelves free of the suspicious oily rings, unidentifiable powdery substances and rusty tins from your shelves so you don’t feel like you need a Tetanus shot each time you reach to the back of the cupboard/fridge; and
  3. Grouping – Once clean start to arrange items together so you can see at a glance what you have to work with and what you need to buy more of. Getting home after a long day at work to cook yourself a meal should be done with minimal effort. Having to go hunting for your meal is so 15,000BC (let’s just stress that this is Jen’s language here… Chris and Sash tend to stay away from phrases such as this to save face amongst the guys on site) so let’s just put down the wooden club and leave the chest beating for when you win Wednesday night Trivia at your local ‘Rubbery Dub’ (Pub).

A Good Tradie Never Blames His Tools!

 Your pantry, fridge and freezer are your best allies and with all good partnerships, you need to give a little to get a little. We know that the relationship you have with your pantry may be reminiscent of Maverick and Iceman, but as this true love story tells us… even the greatest of enemies can become the best of friends with a little bit of an attitude change #youcanbemywingmananytime #bullshityoucanbemine

Stocking your shelves with healthy options that give you a solid base to work from is the best way to help you create fast meals that you know are not only tasty, but not adding to that old ‘Ned Kelly’ (belly)… oh dear lord… I am slowly turning into the guys.

What just happened… We blacked out! (Chris and Sash just woke up…) Thanks Jen for that insightful information on wholegrains and serving sizes! We really appreciate it! Anyway back to talking showbags… Oh wait we are done?!

Looks like Chris and Sash are going to have to have a serious sit down with Jenn… If she isn’t careful, she might actually start teaching you guys something and then they won’t have any time for their jive talk!

Until next week team, Chris and Sash will be busy trying to steal Jenn’s keyboard and the boys might even have time to actually read this blog and do something about their own panties… I mean pantries… (I actually meant panties…)

Next Week’s Blog: Organising Your Panties…. Sorry PANTRY (Part 2)

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: ‘No I will not make out with you!’

Video of the week:  Heed the warning of the very last guy in this video. He spits the truth

Fit Tradie Challenge: Organise your pantry!

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