Burger with the LOT!


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Week 3 and we can’t believe people are still reading this blog. In saying this there hasn’t been much in the news and people are slowly winding up after the break…in either case thanks for continuing the journey with us even though at times it may seem like ‘we’re on the road to nowhere’…Talking Heads? 1980’s? Anyone with us here?

This week we are introducing a new section to the Fit Tradie blog…Fit Tradie’s Tantalising Tasty Treats That Tend to Taste Terrific (It is a working title…don’t judge us)! Now we can hear you all saying ‘but there’s already so many recipe books out there, make like an egg white and beat it!’. On a side note – Awesome synonym…. Secondly, we are trying to take traditional Tradie foods and make them slightly healthier to save you a few extra inches around the ‘Ned Kelly’ (belly).

As mentioned previously, Chris and Sash like to lead a healthy yet balanced lifestyle however after consultation with a nutritionist they were subsequently advised that eating a hamburger with the lot with a side of deep fried wedges and half a dozen Krispy cream doughnuts followed by several ‘Pigs Ears’ (beers) was not a healthy option. They therefore thought it appropriate to engage a nutritionist to assist with this side of things. Introducing Jennifer Howard aka The Nutty Nutritionist (no pun intended). Based on the above we couldn’t be trusted to issue advice on food without putting it through an expert which is where Jen comes in.


I like to hold an empty coffee cup and not look at the camera when getting photos!

Jen has an honors Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics (whatever that means…I think it’s food), wears glasses that are too big for her head, loves op shops, is 16-foot-tall and used to have her own catering business where she once supplied healthy food to the President of the United States of America (and by President of the United States of America we mean an American exchange student). Besides being a UFC fighter on weekends she is putting some time aside to help out Fit Tradie and provide healthy eating alternatives for all you fluoro wearing men and women out there!

As mentioned above our key ideaology (yeah we spelt it wrong but it was a big word that none of us could quite figure out how to spell) is to provide healthy eating options to traditional tradie foods i.e. hamburgers, pizza, sausages, meat pie’s etc. One thing we don’t want you doing is going to the supermarket and measuring 153.7g of avocado induced hemp seed adzuki beans (and yes adzuki beans are apparently real and also healthy for you)…Instead we want you flying by the fresh food aisle on the front of the trolley while your mate pushes you, grabbing a handful of carrots then suddenly realising you’re 31 years of age and that kind of behaviour is frowned upon.

With this in mind we thought we’d kick-start our healthier eating with a good ole fashion burger. There’s nothing more Australian than a burger with the lot. Urban Dictionary defines a burger as ‘Minced and reformed beef in a vaguely disc-shaped slab, cooked, and placed inside a bread roll, possibly along with various vegetables and sauces. Usually the meat is sourced from cheap offcuts and has a higher than average fat content. That being said, there is something distinctly refreshing about biting into a great greasy burger once every so often.’ And we agree! However instead of meat sourced from cheap offcuts we want you to source some premium meat…in this case we are going to use Turkey Mince to create a burger with a side of potatoes we named ‘The Jive-Turkey-Burger’! For those of you who don’t know what a turkey is; 1. You are a Turkey; and 2. It’s like the older healthier brother of a chicken. This recipe is a quick and easy meal to prepare and would impress even the most sophisticated of Tradies. FAST Facts:

Name: ‘The Jive-Turkey-Burger’

Time to prep: 15 mins max OR quarter of a schooner (low carb of course)

Ingredients: Not many

Servings: Approximately 5 (left overs for days)

To cook: Bugger all

Rating: Delicious

Beverage to accompany: Low carb beer


Yeah we like taking pictures of our meals on the grass…don’t you?

 Nutritional information (based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating for an Adult and according to Jen the Nutty Nutritionist ):

  • A great source of Lean Protein
  • Good source of fibre
  • One serve of wholegrain Grains & Cereals.
  • One serve of Dairy
  • One serve of vegetables

Click here to check out the recipe!

Being the Master Chefs they claim to be, Chris and Sash had a crack at the above and it turned out really well for them (see below). As you can see the resemblance is uncanny!


Hamburger with the lot!

Good work gents (eyes wide open sarcastic emoji face)! Another week and another blog down like a lead balloon. To the readers out there – Thank you for your comments! We did see one comment that said ‘you blokes have a head like a box of spanners’ and thought that was excellent. To the Fit Tradie that said this…we say well done however we actually believe a box of spanners are more attractive not to mention our fore heads are much shinier. In either case love your work! This week we are asking for other recipe suggestions whether it’s ‘surf and turf’, ‘reef and beef’, ‘chook or hook’…we want to hear it!

Next Week’s Blog: The Fit Tradie Fist Pumping Fitness Slash Healthy Slash just have a crack Challenge of the week aka TFTFPFSHSJHACCOTW! Ok we got a bit excited with that name – but next week we’ll be writing about the ‘Fit Tradie Challenge’. Stay tuned!

Happy Straya Day Tradies!

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: ‘If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the Kitchen’

Video of the week: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xT6zn1zpHsg

Workout of the week: Key to this workout is to get in a quick sesh before Australia Day festivities kick off. Get up nice and early and before having your first froff get stuck into the below whilst watching inspirational YouTube videos:

  • 3 sets of the following:
    • 20 push-ups with you feet on the ground and hands up on the side of the couch
    • 20 sit-ups (just plain crunches reaching for those massive flippers)
    • 20 dips with feet on the floor, legs straight and hands on the edge of the couch
    • Grab a cool beverage in each hand for a bit of weight (could be a stubby but don’t drink ’em) and hold your arms out straight out to the side of your body and hold them parallel to the ground for 60 seconds. When you hit 60 seconds change and hold them directly out in front of you for another 60 seconds parallel to the ground

Recipe of the week: ‘The Jive-Turkey-Burger’

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