Cruising into 2017 like…

Crusing into 2017 like…

Righteo Fit Tradies it’s week 2 and we are more pumped then a whale eating plankton! (We really need to work on these analogies…) This week we’ll be talking New Year’s resolutions.

But before we get stuck into it, we thought it was important that you guys continue to get to know the two bozos that created this blog. We’ve all heard about the G-Grade Celebrity Sash, his massive ‘Richie McCaw’ (jaw) and his antics on Wheel of Fortune (or whatever TV show he was on) HOWEVER we haven’t heard much about the lone wolf that is Chris Weir. A descendent from the Tibetan monks Chris was raised in a small town called Disco, Tennessee. Growing up in Disco during the 1980’s was never easy for old Toph having to constantly ‘Pump up the Jam’ ‘All night long’ for the ‘Funky Cold Medina’. In his teens he moved to the Nation’s Capital in Australia and rented a room from Bob Hawke at the Lodge where he learnt to skull a yard glass of froff at rapid speeds. From here he began his career as a dolphin trainer and has never looked back… Will let Chris take over now, so he can finish telling you about his great adventure;

 Chris: Wow, thanks for the intro! There are so many lies in that above statement, I am actually thinking about claiming one or two of them… Anyways – Happy new year team! My name is Chris Weir (That part was not a lie…). You may also know me from the Dailymail website as: Sasha’s mate/that guy Sasha is with/Sashas chum, oh oh but my personal favourite (And potentially self-appointed name) is: Sashas-human-handbag (AKA – Hold this why they take photos of me) #waglife! 

Sash is batting above his average with this WAG, if you ask me…

Obviously as I haven’t got my (actual) name in any papers, or chased around the beautiful Sam Frost on TV, with an oversized jaw and thinning hair, you probably don’t know anything about me! So before we get into this blog, I thought I would put together a couple of quick hitters about myself, for our Fit Tradie followers:

  • I am 29 (30 on the 8th Feb);
  • I am based in Canberra;
  • I have a stunner of a wife – who is 8 months pregnant with our first bub! (If anyone has a manual on how to be a dad – shoot us an email…ASAP!);
  • Sash and I have been mates for over almost 7 years, first meeting each other at work
  • I am a carpenter by trade, but am now a Foreman
  • Loves: basketball, keeping (somewhat) fit, collecting whisky (in case you guys were stressing about what to get me for my 30th present…), long walks on the beach, moonlight dinners, oh and my wife! (I didn’t forget about you babes…); and
  • Hates: Coriander (should be illegal), spiders (they can be illegal too…), when people put the volume on an odd number, and heights don’t seem to always agree with me!
  • I don’t have anything else, but 7 points was an odd number…

 Anyways – enough about me! Let’s get into it! 

So we wanted to kick things off this year with a New Year’s resolution post! Ohhhh calm down, we can hear all your groans through the laptop already! We know, we know… They can be a complete beat up, everyone says they don’t work blah blah blah however as a wise man at the pub once said to us, “We’re smoking what you’re growing” or “We are picking up, what you are laying down!” not to mention – if you are anything like us, this video can sum up your yearly Christmas break quite well:

But work with us here, this won’t be a long post – we just wanted to share Fit Tradies top 5 tips that may help you ‘Pump up the jam’ and actually get it happening for you in 2017! So without further ado;

Fit Tradies Top 5 New Year’s resolution do’s and don’ts:

  1. Don’t overcook it: Make them realistic! You don’t want to do what Sash did and have his New Year’s resolution to be: growing back a fringe… Sorry champ, it’s not going to happen! Or how Chris gave up beer for 2017 however at 12.07am found himself doing an upside down beer bong to impress his next door neighbours he just met! So again set realistic targets for your new year’s resolutions and as Nike would say ‘Just get it done’ or whatever their slogan is.
  2. Break it down: (Just like you do on the dance floor at 3am on a Sunday morning, just without the alcohol) If you want to run a marathon by October this year, firstly – awesome! Secondly, don’t go for the 40km sprint for your first run – we don’t want one of our Fit Tradie’s having a heart attack! Ease into it, kick it off with running 3km by the end of January, 7km by March etc. and build it up! You need daily/weekly/monthly goals to keep you motivated and ensure that it is going to be attainable!
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others: For example – we may not be cut like a “picnic lunch” like our mate Richie Strahan aka Roger Ramjet (has anyone found his shirt yet by the way?! He seems to have lost it, ever since the first episode of the Bachelor…? Weird!) Chris and Sash are more like a “hung over lunch with some extra fries on the side!” But hey, that’s all good! No one is perfect, even that guy that screams at the weights in the gym has some self-doubt… The self-doubt is probably that people are judging him… Because we are… But still, you need to remember – it is ok to be you! Make your goals for your body, not someone else’s!
  4. Write them down: Yes I know, it is a classic cliché – but it does work! We don’t care if you rip a bit of paper off the cement bag, and write it down with your carpenters’ pencil, which has been sharpened that many times, it’s smaller than a tooth pick! Get them on a piece of paper and keep it safe! Put it on the back of your bedroom door, or on the lid of your tool box, somewhere that you will see it every day, which in turn will remind you of what you have set out to do.
  5. Make it enjoyable: The last thing you want to do is wake up every morning, regretting the day that you made the New Year’s resolution to tackle the Bass Strait, as a long distance swimmer, knowing full well you are allergic to water! In all seriousness though, say you made a goal to do a triathlon this year, then go talk to one your friends and see if they are keen to get on board too! There is nothing more motivating than having a buddy with you (especially if you are as competitive as Chris and Sash, when they train with each other) and if you have friends that aren’t into say cycling, then see if you can get a couple of friends on board, and one can do the run, one do the cycle and the other do the swim, while you bust your bum and do all three!

So there you go team – Fit Tradies Top 5! That wasn’t too painful was it?! Make them achievable, break it down (like on the dance floor) do it for you, not someone else, write them down, and enjoy it!!

Before we head off we wanted to also whet your appetite (pardon the upcoming pun) with what is coming up in the next few weeks! We have a cooking blog, some un-believ-able recipes for you to try, as well as some great interviews with some awesomely-fit- guy and girl tradies, who are leading the charge in health and wellbeing! Oh, oh, not to mention some great Fit Tradie challenges coming your way! #DontThreatenMeWithAGoodTime

Lastly, make sure you throw some words in the comments below about what your New Year’s resolution is or send us an email! We are always pumped to hear from you guys!

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Quote of the week: “Don’t threaten me with a good time”

Video of the week:

Workout of the week: Walk around the block each morning before work. When you get back, do 20 push ups, 20 squats and 20 crunches. Note: This is supplementary to your normal exercise regime or other physical activity you may already be doing.

Recipe of the week:  So, Sash managed to burn the first 3 attempts of our latest recipe, and then Chris came in to save the day, and realised he also had no idea what he was doing…So we couldn’t get any photos… But we are on next week! Watch this space…

4 thoughts on “Cruising into 2017 like…

  1. Veronica

    So im not a tradie but i work for a earth works construction firm in south africa…have been following Sasha on instagram and are very excited to read your blog..keep up the good work and you guys sounds like awesome buddies.


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