Welcome to Fit Tradie – A blog that is off chops like a Vegetarian and tailored to all you Tradies out there!

We want to first welcome everyone to Fit Tradie – a blog where two Aussie blokes will offer their perspectives on how to lead a healthy yet balanced lifestyle and where smashing the odd ‘Chiko Roll’ or sinking a ‘Pigs Ear’ (beer) is strongly encouraged! Don’t be fooled though, this blog won’t be all about lifestyle either! We may fancy putting our 2 cents in on current affairs, construction news, tradie talk, Donald Trump, why people grunt at the gym…the world is our Oyster! If we run out of material we may talk Show Bags for the week, who knows! The main aim of Fit Tradie is to put something out there which doesn’t conform to the traditional blogs and something that people will actually enjoy reading (spelling mistakes inclusive) and will also get something out of!

Urban dictionary defines a blog as ‘A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as “homework sucks” and “I slept until noon today.”’

A ‘Fit Tradie blog’ is defined as ‘A written piece of art that provides the most enjoyment you can have with your clothes on! It is hotter than a TV at a pawn shop, is likely to go off like a packet of prawns in the sun and consists of such exhilarating entries as “I could have sworn it was my dog”, “When did that become a 60km/hr zone” and “Straight arm skull anyone?!”.

Yeah we drink beer out of champagne glasses… Straight arm skull, anyone?!

While on the topic of a straight arm skull it may seem like a silly concept however, think about it as your first Health Tip from your friends at Fit Tradie. We say this because:

  1. There is less beer in a champagne glass than a scooner glass; and
  2. When doing a straight arm skull the volume of beer consumed is significantly reduced. Scientists (by scientists we mean us) have estimated the amount of froff actually consumed in a straight arm skull is approximately 23% therefore reducing your consumption of beer considerably whilst giving the perception you are a full blown legend.

Before we get into it though, we’d like to introduce one another:

Sash: ‘Chris aka Toph is a tall young man with a carpentry background who has been in the construction industry for 10 years now! Previously a semi-professional basketballer, Chris has let himself go over recent years and could probably learn a thing or two himself, from this blog! He enjoys going to the gym but not doing much and stopping on the way home for a KFC bucket of tenderloins. He has a beautiful wife and a ‘tin lid’ (kid) on the way. Time to get fit champion!’

 Chris: ‘Thanks for that lovely introduction Sash aka The Fringe (or lack thereof). Let’s start by clarifying that Sash isn’t the guy from RBT or wheel of fortune but in fact the bloke who couldn’t find a girlfriend so had to go on national television to compete with 13 other punters. Just like myself, Sash has been in the construction game for 10 years however over the past few has moved into a managerial role. You will namely find Sash in the site office or on the rare occasion on site in his ‘bowl of fruit’ (Suit) standing around like a spare part! Sash has a head that would make an onion cry and looks his best in bed in a blackout.’

From the get go we want to put this out there and say we aren’t your standard health and wellbeing mentors… actually we are far from it! In saying this, one thing we have in common is we like to lead somewhat healthy lifestyles although you probably wouldn’t believe it looking at Chris (sorry Sash just grabbed the keyboard again). In leading healthy lifestyles (for the most part anyway) we like to enjoy all of what life has to offer aka eating out, having the odd hamburger with the lot and sinking froff, responsibly of course!

Fit Tradie Fun Fact: A hamburger with the lot is one of the only meals that contains all the food groups *This may or may not be entirely correct

Not sure about you guys, but we are sick of the more traditional blogs which say you should dress like this, eat 2000 calories and only consume 1.34 standard beverages a day…. this blog is more like dress however you want so long as you’re wearing pants (although even they are optional), eat whatever you want just don’t completely over-do it and exercise a bit you lazy buggers!

As most tradies would know, time can be of the essence. We get up at bird’s fart every morning, we build shit and go home. Most of us are knackered by the time we finish and couldn’t be bothered going to the gym and following a strict gym programme. This blog will teach you about getting fit, whether it be at home, jogging down to get some milk or sitting watching TV doing crunches working on the ‘Ned Kelly’ (Belly) in the ad breaks. It will also give you some healthy yet quick recipe’s you can slap up during the week…. With this in mind we don’t measure cooking time by minutes, we measure it by how many standard (low carb) froff’s you can get through whilst cooking – that’s the Fit Tradie difference!

So that’s a bit of an insight into the Fit Tradie blog and what we are aiming to do. If you love it – share it and tell your friends to come and get a slice of the merchandise! If you didn’t like it – we sincerely apologise for wasting your time! But seriously, still share it… And then you can waste someone else’s time too!

Next Week’s Blog: New Year Resolutions – The good, the bad and the downright ludicrous!

Until then Tradies…Keep it tight and Bright!

– Sash and Chris –

Saying of the week: ‘Man’s not a Camel!’

Workout of the Week: Just concentrate on easing back into work, we don’t want to go too hard too early!

Recipe of the week: Keep eating out this week but try to keep it clean. We’ll get stuck in next week!

Please Note: We don’t condone drinking to excess so please refer to your GP on safe amounts of froff to be consumed.

One thought on “Welcome to Fit Tradie – A blog that is off chops like a Vegetarian and tailored to all you Tradies out there!

  1. Tom

    Awesome read guys! Finally two fantastic clowns to waste my time and it’s all worth the time lads! All the best for 2017 & bring on the fun times!!


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